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  VoCon®AEC is a powerful algorithm for achieving acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and noise reduction in telephony applications hands-free car kits at vehicles of different sizes. Highly adaptive VoCon®AEC is platform independent and is easily portable (even to 16-bit signal processors). This product often deployed together with VoCon3200 speech recognition engine.
Platform availability TI TMS320C54xx
Infineon Tricore 19xx
ADI Black Fin 535
Also portable to other DSP
Memory Requirements
(Reference : TI 54xx)
Code : 40kb(20kb internal + 20kb external)
Data : 36kb(10kb internal + 26kb external)
CPU consumption TI EMS320C54xx : 90MIPS
Infineon Tricore 19xx : 36MIPS
Sample Rate 8KHz
Speech Delay 26ms
Block ength 10ms or 80Samples
Noise Reduction OK
Convergence Rate 20db/sec minimum
Echo return loss 40db minimum
Echo duration 40ms
Acustic Echo
Noise suppression 0-20db
Typical noise
10db(best speech quality)

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