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  KMICGLOBAL, a strategic partner of Nuance Communications, Inc., offers a various business in speech-enabled technology. Using multilingual speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies, KMIC is a leader in the PC Multimedia (PCMM), telephony, and embedded market. The service areas in each market are illustrated below.

  KMICGLOBAL as strategic partner of nuance conduct a various business in speech-enabled technology. Especially in using multi-lingual speech recognition and Text to Speech, KMIC leads the PC Multimedia, Telephony, and Embedded Market. We leads the PC Multimedia Market in Robotics, Language education, Voice Web Service, also leads the Telephony Market in Telematics, ACS, VAD, SMS. Now we are making the market regarding Embedded. We have developed many applications for PDA, PND (Portable Navigation Device), Electronic Dictionary with speech-enabled technology.

  To help our customer create the ultimate speech-enabled applications KMICGLOBAL will make the best of our experiences

PCMM Product TTSPAD, PendantASR
Telephony Product ACS, VAD
Embedded Product TTS & ASR for Mobile, PND

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